Ikaria Le Ash Gladiator Sandal

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By Kyma

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The IKARIA style has two thin straps over the toes and the rest of the foot has gladiator style strappy laces that tie around the ankle.

Each KYMA Sandals pair is carefully handcrafted in Athens, Greece. These sandals are made with soft nubuck leather that is chemical-free for carefree all day wearing. Although the leather is soft it won’t stretch out over time. Triple layered sole leather makes these the most comfortable leather sandals ever.


  • Sandals with laces made from the same leather straps as the rest of the sandal. Can be tied around the ankle or over the leg depending on the length.
  • Triple layer of sole leather for maximum comfort and durability
  • Faded midsole for a comfortable stride
  • Vegetable tanned nubuck leather for the softest suede feel ever
  • Thin slip resistant rubber heel for extra stability and traction
  • Build quality that is made to last multiple seasons
  • Leather sandals handmade in Greece by traditional sandal makers